Responsible Investing

ESG strategies, reporting and impact due diligence for investors.

SDG Lead support investors in developing responsible investment strategies and ESG integration including impact measurement and ESG screening tools. We are a leading actor in the sustainable investment sphere with a strong track record. We are present in respected international investor alliances and networks promoting sustainability:

Responsible investing strategies

We help your organisation develop responsible investment strategies incl. long-term targets, KPIs and ESG implementation.

We use workshops and interviews as a starting point to design the approach to your organisation and your responsible investment ambition.

Policies and programmes

We ensure strong implementation of your organisation’s responsible investment strategy through the development and implementation of policies and programmes to be implemented throughout the investment lifecycle (due diligence, asset management phase incl. active ownership, and exits).

Responsible investment tools

ESG tools for ESG integration

We help develop responsible investment tools (due diligence tools, blacklists, data collection methods) to deliver on the overall responsible investment strategy. We ensure that maturity and screening/data requirements are suited to the relevant investment areas and asset classes.

Screening platform

We make a cloud-based screening tool available for investors. We customise the platform to each investor and provide training for investment professionals.

ESG due diligence

We perform an ESG due diligence analysis for investors on potential investments and/or exits. This ESG due diligence analysis is scalable for companies from seed to large global entities and can be modified to a specific sector utilising the unique SDG Lead Methodology with a proven track record.

Sustainable finance

We are at the forefront of development within sustainable finance, and thus we can assist you in developing strategies to take part in this market. We provide advice to both issuers and investors.

Responsible investment reporting

UN PRI gap analysis

We do a UN PRI gap analysis, which highlights an estimated scoring in each module within the UN PRI reporting framework. Furthermore, the gap analysis provides initiatives to advance within the UN PRI reporting framework.

Responsible investment/impact reporting

We support your organisation in developing, writing, and designing your annual responsible investment report which includes data points and SDG alignment. We can run the reporting process from start to finish or advice on specific parts of the reporting process.