Corporate Sustainability

360-degree sustainability service for corporate clients and organisations.

SDG Lead provides 360-degree consulting services within corporate sustainability including

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Impact and KPIs

We assist your organisation in identifying material SDGs, developing business-oriented impact targets, and setting KPIs for the relevant business areas and products/services.

SDG workshops for employees or Executive Management

Our SDG workshops are interactive, thus ensuring participants gain a thorough understanding of the SDGs, the organisations’ impact, and what they can do to drive sustainable transformation.

360-sustainability analysis

We perform a 360-degree sustainability analysis of your organisation across relevant themes. Your organisation is assessed on 45 sustainable parameters (all aligned with the SDGs). Here, we provide a deep dive analysis and provide corrective action plans accordingly which can be utilised to kick-off a sustainability strategy process.

Responsible supply chain management

We develop and implement responsible supply chain programmes incl. self-assessment questionnaires, platform development, and implementation. We furthermore design corrective action plans and perform social audits.

Sustainability Reporting

Compliance check

We ensure that your corporate sustainability reporting is aligned with relevant legal frameworks and international standards and that your reporting can pass the third party limited assurance and/or national regulations.

Sustainability reporting

We support your organisation in developing, write, and design your annual sustainability report. We can run the reporting process from start to finish or advice on specific parts of the reporting process.

Sustainability strategies and policies

Human Rights due diligence programmes

We develop and implement human rights due diligence programmes in compliance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Sustainability strategy implementation

We ensure your organisation’s sustainability strategy and targets are reached through the development of strong policies and programmes across the organisation.

Ethics and compliance

Code of conducts and training

We develop internal Code of Conducts and Supplier Code of Conducts as well as training programmes.


We develop internal guidelines and programmes compliant with international standards such as UK Bribery Act and FCPA and provide training of employees and executive management.

KPI and target setting

We help your organisation set business-driven sustainability targets and KPIs based on recognised standards and frameworks incl. science-based targets, UN Global Compact, UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.