Code of Ethics

SDG Lead is a boutique consultancy specialised in corporate sustainability and responsible investing. We have a systemic view on sustainability and use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our guiding framework.

We want to create value by leading, impacting, and consulting the transformation towards a sustainable world.

The SDG Lead Methodology

Lead – We lead sustainable transformation

    • We conduct business with integrity, trust, and respect.
    • We respect and comply with national laws and regulations in countries where we operate. We respect international norms and conventions and comply with generally acknowledged principles in our business operations, specifically the UN Global Compact (UNGC) principles, the UN Guiding Principles (UNGP), and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).
    • Transparency is a keyword in our operations.

Impact – We make impact that lasts

    • As a company, we set a high aspiration for the positive impact we have through our client services.
    • We create impact through co-creation, and we establish strategic partnerships with our clients to define sustainable and responsible commercial solutions.
    • We are committed to delivering impact to the best of our abilities to all our clients.
    • All colleagues have the obligation to speak up if they feel that our ability to deliver on these aspirations for impact is compromised.

Consult – We consult for a better world

    • We strive to be among the most competent consulting services within sustainability globally.
    • We encourage innovation and creativity.
    • We seek to avoid errors, learn from experience, and continuously improve our competences, skills, and products.
    • We maintain sound quality assurance and quality control systems for our services.
    • Through corporate sustainability consulting and responsible investment consulting, we work to uphold the highest standards in accordance with the UNGC and UNPRI, and best practices.
    • We observe strict confidentiality regarding information on investor clients, corporate clients, and engaged companies, irrespective of whether such information is communicated to us orally or in writing.

Client Confidential Information

In the course of our work, we are entrusted with client and third-party confidential information and we take exceptional care with the information that has been entrusted to us. We only share client confidential information with colleagues who have a legitimate need to know, or those we know are authorised to access the information. All employees are required to safeguard the private and confidential nature of the information acquired and to comply with the confidentiality clauses requested by clients and other counterparties.


    • We stand for objectivity and independence.
    • Independence to SDG Lead means:
    • SDG Lead is politically and religiously independent and does not in daily work follow any specific ‘agenda’ except the one expressed in the SDG Lead Methodology.
    • In case a conflict of interest may arise e.g. engagement with a former client, we will provide full transparency.
    • SDG Lead’s owner and employees must not accept payments or any kind of gifts from third parties. We have a strict zero-tolerance to bribery and corruption.
    • SDG Lead’s owner and employees are expected to act objectively and fairly in relation to companies and organisations.
    • SDG Lead bases its work on formal procedures, methods and international norms and guidelines which constitute a common frame of reference that are widely recognised.


In general, the following steps are taken to ensure maximum independence, objectivity, and reliability of our work:

    • Expectations of ethical conduct including the corporate values and procedures are clearly communicated to employees.
    • Guidelines and tools necessary for employees to adhere to the ethical standards are provided.
    • If there are situations harming or appearing to conflict with our code of ethics, a special review of the concerned activities will be conducted, and mitigation will be devised.
    • Our ethical standards and procedures are regularly reviewed to allow us to cope with evolving challenges in our operating context. SDG Lead’s code of ethics is also discussed at the annual employee dialogue with management if needed.