SDG Lead - Rema 1000

360-degree sustainable consulting service

Including development of sustainability strategy, SDG framework, annual sustainability reporting, drafting of sustainability policies, training of management, employees and suppliers, development and implementation of a customised responsible supply chain program incl. follow-up actions.

SDG Lead - Store Enso

SDG workshop for Sustainability Council

Training in SDG framework, and interactive workshop on identifying material SDGs, possible KPIs and follow-up actions across all business areas. The workshop was complimented by a deep dive analysis on the business’ primary SDG impacts and alignment with existing sustainability initiatives and programs.

SDG Lead - SDG Invest

Investment strategy, screening, impact reporting and active ownership

SDG Lead has developed everything related to responsible investment and sustainability for the private equity fund SDG Invest. This include strategy, screening tool, sustainability analysis, active ownership initiatives, annual impact reporting including environmental data points and UN PRI reporting.

Disclaimer: SDG Lead is co-founder of SDG Invest together with Stockrate Asset Management.

SDG Lead - Pandox

Anti-corruption and responsible supply chain management

Development of an anti-corruption risk map and suggested follow-up actions. The session included a workshop with management. SDG Lead has furthermore developed a responsible supply chain management system to Pandox.

SDG Lead - Danfoss

SDG Lead provided valuable independent insight into our anti-corruption risk assessment and programme which we could use internally to demonstrate the value of compliance to the business.

Anders Stahlschmidt, VP and General Counsel, Danfoss
SDG Lead - Coloplast

It is important for Coloplast to have a strong compliance programme. SDG Lead has been a valuable business partner in developing elements of our programme.

They are a real pleasure to work with, and we appreciate their professional and business-oriented consultancy. 

Lars Rasmussen, Former CEO (Present Chairman) , Coloplast
SDG Lead - Trelleborg
SDG Lead provided us valuable support in the development of our diversity initiatives which were focused on adding value to the business.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Carina Nesbitt, Group Talent Management Director, Trelleborg
SDG Lead - Falck

The team at SDG Lead provided us with valuable assistance on our Human Rights work. The experts are incredible knowledgeable on sustainability, in particularly on Human Rights.

Furthermore, they are very professional and very pleasant to work with.

Palle Grøn Kjeldsen, Former Director, Group CSR, Falck
SDG Lead - Rema 1000

I have worked with Anne-Louise and the rest of the team for several years on most topics relating to sustainability and CSR.

SDG Lead understands the unique culture at REMA 1000 and works very strategically to support the business, our colleagues and the eight values that makes REMA 1000 successful. 

Anders René Jensen, Chief Buying and Marketing Director, REMA 1000
SDG Lead - TDC Group

We needed inspiration and input to our sustainability strategy and SDG Lead facilitated a workshop for a number of top managers from across TDC Group. The workshop gave us excellent expert advice as well as a report which we use to steer and support our business and sustainability efforts. When we launched our CSR ambassador programme, it was planned and facilitated by SDG Lead in an efficacious and professional manner. 

Kathrine Stampe Andersen, Senior Vice President, TDC Group
SDG Lead - Store Enso

SDG Lead provided us with an excellent overview of the topic and then helped us align our Sustainability Agenda through analysis of earlier work done in-house and a workshop to map out the way forward. Anne-Louise demonstrated her deep knowledge of the SDGs and related processes in a way that resonated with me and other colleagues. This support has been invaluable in getting to grips with a complex topic. 

Noel Morrin, Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Stora Enso
SDG Lead - Transparency International

SDG Lead has undertaken a significant evaluation exercise on our behalf in relation to a major programme around climate and deforestation issues in Africa and TI’s efforts to address the related corruption. We have very much appreciated the value they have added in terms of providing forward-looking recommendations that could help us to tackle the ongoing challenges of funding such important initiatives. The team have been very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Brice Böhmer, Programme Coordinator, Climate Governance Integrity, Transparency International
SDG Lead - Kirkens Korshær

We needed a service provider who could analyse economic, social, and environmental impact in relation to some choices we were facing. 

SDG Lead are on top of impact measurement and gave us some really valuable insights, which we used to make strategic decisions for Kirkens Korshær. 

Jesper Rønn-Simonsen, Director of Development, Kirkens Korshær