The world’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) are creating a platform to meet the greatest challenges of our times.


Sustainability is at the heart of transforming the world’s economy. Business models must address societal challenges.


Impact is how we ensure that participants create a better outcome that meets the needs of future generations.

We believe sustainability is at the heart of transforming the world’s economy.


SDGlead is the pathfinder that connects people and business opportunities to create impactful and sustainable solutions. We consult and share our knowledge with clients around the world.


SDGlead builds on values of co-creation and co-impact helping corporations achieve their ambitions for sustainable, impactful business solutions, while reducing harmful ESG impacts.


Focusing on the SDGs, we aim to meet the needs of future generations. We engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders to build a business environment focused on sustainable solutions.



Lead – We want to create value by leading the drive towards a sustainable world, through co-creating and co-sharing strategic partnerships that define new and innovative commercial solutions


Impact – through co-development of impact programmes, we develop solutions together with the global stakeholders.


Consult – We create and advise companies and organisations on building new, sustainable ventures, contributing with our extensive knowledge, significant experience and global network

Consult & Impact

consult and impact

Impact Solutions

SDG Drivers



Impact Drivers


Step 1:

Determining the SDG’s your organisation’s activities currently contribute to and determine strategic direction.

Step 2:

Identify opportunities to improve or create new impacts, and to reduce negative ones.

Step 3:

Setting targets in relevant areas of the organisation to drive the impact change and anchoring those targets in the business.

Step 4:

Periodically measure and report on progress compared to targets.

Impact Screening

WHAT it is: investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This can be done with varying demands for level of ROI and impact depending on the prioritization from investor.

Traditional Investing

Seeks financial returns only

Responsible Impact Investing

Investments are screened out based on ESG/SRI risk


Negative Screens:

Tobacco, Alcohol, Weapons, Gambling, Pornography and Nuclear Energy

Sustainable Impact Investing

Sustainability factors and financial returns drive investment selection


Factors Considered:

Carbon footprint, Resource use, Waste reduction, Compensation, Product and
Gender Equality

Thematic Impact Investing

Targeted themes and financial returns drive investment selection


Solutions For:

Climate Change, Population growth, Water scarcity and Food systems

Impact First Investing

Social and environmental considerations take precedence over financial returns


Support for:

Innovation & Risk Taking, Proof of Concepts, Enabling Environments and Commercial Capital Leverage


Financial returns disregarded in favour of social and environmental solutions




We advise corporations in the area of sustainability and business ethics with the aim of creating value through responsible business. Our approach is grounded in long careers as consultants committed to delivering measurable impactful solutions to our clients.


We consult on net positive and sustainability strategy, diversity management, anti-corruption, target setting, communication, human rights, strategic partnerships, responsible supply chains, stakeholder engagement and behavioural risk and culture.


SDG screening and measurement

Communication and reporting

Sustainability Due Diligence


Net positive Strategy

SDG Strategy

Anti Corruption




Anne-Louise Thon Schur


P: + 45 50 51 76 30

Anne-Louise has worked with international development and sustainability for the past 20 years. Today she is a partner in SDGlead. Prior to setting up SDGlead, she was Head of Sustainability and International Development for PwC, where she advised clients in the area of international development and sustainability. Anne-Louise has worked on projects ranging from SDG assessment drivers, sustainability due diligence processes, social impact investments, behaviour and culture assessments, performance management, diversity, business ethics, systems thinking, KPI and targets, communication and strategic partnerships – all part of sustainability leadership.


Anne-Louise’s career started in London in global marketing and branding, and later developed into ethical trade and development in 1999 and over the past 15 years, she helped companies in making their sustainability efforts valuable, and assisted with their challenges and dilemmas in strategy implementation.


As Head of Sustainability and International Development at PwC, global assignments included: sustainability due diligence in Vietnam, emerging markets human rights assessment in Ivory Coast, audit of factory in India, AA1000 stakeholder assurance for Novo Nordisk and Novozymes, KPI development, strategy setting and implementation for numerous companies.


Anne-Louise has been a VSO volunteer in Zimbabwe, where she wrote reports for various UN agencies, while working in the National Association of NGOs. She was the main author on a book and has contributed to sustainability leadership with numerous panel discussions and published articles.


In 2015, she was nominated and participated in the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), and she is an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School (Master programme – Sustainability Organisation).


Anne-Louise holds a Master of Science in Communication, Boston University, 2003 and a Master of International Trade and Business (HD.U), Copenhagen Business School, 1995.

Gitte Gram

Gitte Gram


LinkedIn pic

Mads Dahl-Hansen




Will Day

Sustainability Leader

Will is Sustainability Advisor to PwC, and Chairman of Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), a non-profit company bringing together private sector and NGO member organisations to pursue the Millennium Development goal for water and sanitation in the poorest parts of the world.


He is a member of the Council of Ambassadors of WWF (UK), the Advisory Board of the ICAEW, and the CR Panel of British Land. Until March 2011, he was Chairman of the Sustainable Development Commission, the UK government’s independent advisory body. He has been Chairman of the BBC Children in Need Appeal, the largest grant giver for disadvantaged children in the UK, and was an independent assessor for the public appointments process of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). He was a Special Advisor to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) between 2004 and 2009, and UK Commissioner on the Ramphal Commission on Migration and Development in 2010/11. Until October 2012, he was Trustee, and interim Chairman, of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).


He spent twenty years working with a range of relief and development NGOs (Save the Children, OXFAM, Opportunity Trust) in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan, and most recently was Chief Executive of CARE International UK. He was involved in the establishment of Comic Relief, a fundraising and grant-making organisation, and as its first Grants Director was responsible for setting up its grants programme for Africa.



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